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Healthcare & Life Sciences

Healthcare has reached new levels fueled by nursing shortages, decreasing Medicare & Medicaid, insurance reimbursement, and increased regulations. There is an increase in patients seeking priority medical assistance in the Emergency Departments (ED) and not utilizing healthcare facilities. Millions in revenue are lost each year due to broken, lost, or stolen equipment and proper patient billing.

Zada Partners Healthcare Practice specializes in individual assessment, recommendations and implementation to address the needs and goals of both departmental hospitals and healthcare systems. Our consultation staff offers years of expertise in the clinical setting and working in coordination with Information Technology consultants to provide clients with the best solution.

Our main focus is quickly to assess the current situation and to provide an unbiased, comprehensive facility review, bringing in new and fresh ideas to the management team. This includes distinct solutions for hospital departments, staff satisfaction, patient flow, wait times, and revenue recuperation.

Making sure you have the right patient, medical history, medications and doctor’s orders are critical to providing the right care. RFID tagged Wristbands can be programmed and printed on demand by direct thermal printers. The tags are passive with Read/Write capability. Having critical information stored on the tag will guarantee patients receive correct medication and billings.

To maximize asset utilization from wheel chairs to portable emergency equipment, hospital staff will need to be able to find and rapidly deploy these assets to maintain top quality care. Additionally, most of these assets require maintenance from time to time, based on usage.

RFID tracking will provide the information necessary to ensure that the asset has a current maintenance status, storage location, or last location used. This is especially critical when the equipment can be deployed over your entire facility.

Critical assets will be RFID tagged and an inventory will be maintained. A Check-In/Check-Out process for equipment will be implemented to maintain a complete audit trail. At each point of use, the tags will be read and when appropriate assigned to a patient.

Enhancing the patient experience is a crucial part of operating a healthcare facility. Digital signage provides up-to-date information, as well as a unique way to entertain and inform. By providing targeted information while patients wait, waiting times can feel shorter with improved follow of information to dynamic displays.


Inform - Live and relevant information is used on the screens, improving communication and enhancing the environment. Digital signage can link with existing systems to show waiting times, or be manually controlled by staff. Local news, health advice, institution announcements and other messages can all be shown dynamically.

React – Expect the unexpected, you cannot plan every event. Digital signage allows you the ability to quickly and easily convey your message. Respond to events as they happen and give patients the information that they want to know.

Flow – Use the screens to guide people around the building. Touch screen systems provide an interactive way of looking at the building map and give the user easy directions to find what they’re looking for. The personalized directions can even be printed out as a map to guide them. With healthcare institutions generally being large and unfamiliar to patients, a good way finding system is important.

Languages – Most communities share a variety of languages and sometimes English isn’t a patient’s first language. Digital signage is able to show messages in any language that you may need, so that all patients and visitors can receive the same level and quality of communication.

With digital signage in your healthcare institution, you can react and deliver informative, up-to-date information to the people who need it and enhance the patient experience

Transportation & Logistics

Zada Partners’ extensive experience in fleet operations is able to deliver custom transportation management solutions: thus our systems can support your daily operation whether it is simple P&D to complex system with dynamic dispatching and alerts. With our background in wireless, satellite and cellular communication, connectivity is not a challenge for us.


Whether you operate LTL, truckload, buses, school bus or specialized vehicles, we have the solutions that more than meet your needs.

Zada Partners’ extensive experience in fleet operations is able to deliver custom transportation management solutions. By understanding best practices in the industry, we can provide you with a solution to meet your business objectives and needs. We deliver products from “show me my vehicles” to fully integrated system with route optimization, dispatching, fleet management and integration with financial and billing systems.


Our system design and delivery takes into account all the aspects of your business - from shop mechanics and dispatching to customer service and operations. We are able to provide you with full system integration with mapping solutions to integrated fuel accounting and maintenance package.

If a custom solution is not for you, we provide an extensive service to examine your business and provide you with the assistance in selecting the right hardware and software to meet your needs


Zada Partners is a leader in the field of Sustainability Planning. The trends that we observe with our clients continue to indicate that businesses are adopting sustainable principles as part of their normal business activities. The importance of developing internal sustainability plans and systems is underscored by the fact that many companies have begun requiring their suppliers to have a comprehensive sustainability plan in place, or risk losing the opportunity to continue doing business. The reality is that sustainability planning is no longer optional and should be integrated into the overall strategy of forward-thinking organizations. Comprehensive and properly managed sustainability programs have been proven to reduce certain overhead costs, while increasing marketing opportunities and promoting the company as a steward of the environment.

We offer strategic planning services, executive and management education, sustainability assessments and measurement services, as well as providing system management and oversight services, including the development of carbon emission baselines and improvement measurement systems. We can also assist with a diverse range of additional services, including: greenhouse gas inventory and climate risk assessments, management infrastructure development, life-cycle analysis, environmental reporting and supply chain development and partnerships.

In Partnership with Columbia Business Resources and Sustainability Northwest which are members of the International Society of Sustainability Professionals and certified through the University of Oregon Sustainability Leadership Program

Waste & Recycling

What is the true cost of adding another customer? Is an account profitable or is it better to leave the account to the competition? How is route density? Is a route profitable? Can the bottom line be improved? These are some of the questions we can help answer.

Address and Service Verification Audit: With our custom-developed application we are able to verify the residential and commercial accounts in your area. At the end of our audit you will have an accurate count of addresses being serviced by you in your and your competitors’ county and city. Our reports will provide you a breakdown of different types of dwellings and commercial container density. After our audit you are able to analyze your cost and pricing.


Route Optimization is the process of examining existing routes and working towards reducing the number of routes needed to service customer stops and sequencing those stops in the most efficient means to reduce travel time and miles driven. As transportation costs increase as a result of rising fuel and employee costs, optimizing routes has become a necessity in order to keep these costs in check.


It has been said that customers will more likely stay with a hauler that has rebounded gracefully from a mistake rather than a hauler that never made one. Every time a customer or a prospect interacts with a hauler, a perception is formed. People evaluate how quickly a call is answered, how they are treated, how the request is executed and how the follow up is handled. Every contact is an opportunity to reassure the customer they have made the right choice for a waste partner.

Improve Your Bench Strength Zada Partners focuses on getting back to the basics within a hauling company in the sales, marketing and customer service areas. We concentrate on minimizing strained relations between departments and improving communication with the operations folks. The understanding of how we affect each other sometimes gets lost and people find themselves in the hot seat trying to please a customer. Emergencies can be avoided with the proper accountability in place. Time is a commodity in this business and a lack of time can put the customer at risk. We evaluate the current business processes and create benchmarks. Areas of strength, opportunity and challenge are defined and a recommended implementation plan is crafted.

No matter what the concern is or even if an overall summary evaluation of your business is desired, we can handle it. A variety of areas can be analyzed and evaluated for improvement. Some of those areas include interdepartmental paperwork flow, sales and customer service training, retention programs, commission approaches, pricing, price increases, proposal creation, new business generation, data management, potential customer attrition and sales mentoring. Other programs include filling a role temporarily until the right candidate is found and in addition, we can provide recruiting to fill a role. No matter what the project, however large or small, we are available to help.


Zada Partners will challenge your company to be better and will offer solutions on how to achieve improvement. One thing is constant in the waste industry and that is change. Be better prepared to handle ever-changing conditions by analyzing and by shaping current business practices.



Zada Partners with its proven delivery and technology solutions helps local and federal government in meeting their goals. Our wide array of services also encompassed the defense industry: we have used our skills in developing systems that not only are used in our homeland but can be used for its defense.

Our experience in transportation, healthcare, and technology gives us the experience needed to develop such solutions, applied to the design and development of hardware, whether it is needed for homeland security or in the battlefield.


At Zada Partners we have a strong commitment to developing solutions that meet all the challenges thrown at us. After hurricane Katrina with the help of our technology partners we developed solutions to provide communication and routing solutions should the need arise. These ranged from emergency routing solutions, designed and developed by C2Logix, to on-board vehicle systems, based on cellular and satellite communication devices developed under our FleetCom brand, and to the SmartMED product line designed for hospital and emergency response teams.

Our solutions are designed to save lives and utilize the latest in technology to establish the necessary infrastructure supporting emergency services. Our innovative designs come from our dedication and having members that serve in the Disaster Medical Assistance Team (DMAT) and the National Disaster Medical System (NDMS)

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