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Radio Frequency IDentification

Zada Partners’ expertise and partnership with industry leaders in the Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) field enable us to deliver unique solutions that meet the demands of today’s industries. We deliver the best in class in this field - once called “silent commerce”; we help to design and integrate RFID technology into all aspect of your business. Our sound methodology delivers seamless integration from package-level tagging to warehousing, distribution, scanning, and integration with your sales and financial systems.

RFID has revolutionized the way in which we do business. The somewhat chaotic warehouse management system has been transformed into an automated intelligent system with the aid of a tag. Containing much more information than traditional bar codes, the RFID Tag replaced the complexity of a manual scan with a simple and efficient automated system, while enabling you to dig into metadata of your inventories.

The health care, warehousing and transportation industries are already taking advantage of the RFID integration to reduce costs and increase profitability. These industries have recognized that RFID technology increases productivity by using automated and integrated systems with far less dependence on manual and labor-consuming techniques.

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