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Our Team

Sherry Soltani - MD

Sherry, graduated with a BSc in Biology and a Minor in Psychology from Portland State University, Portland Oregon. She received her medical education and graduated from Semmelweis University Hungary Budapest.  She has volunteered in the numerous countries in the medical field with the latest being King Edward Memorial Hospital in Mumbai India.


Her entrepreneurial skills also was tested with the establishment of Micromedics EU, delivering medical solutions and services in Europe and Middle East.  MicroMedics distributed product to commercial and military clients.  MicroMedics has provided consulting services to NHS, UK and in USA for NeedleStick and the SMART Medical Room.


Zada Partners is proud to have Sherry as the Managing Partner for its Healthcare Services.     

David Kieser - MD

David is a spine and orthopedic surgeon with a passion for medical education.  He completed his PhD based on bio-mechanics, orthopedics and ballistics and continues to work and collaborate with multiple academic institutions.  He currently oversees over one hundred research projects worldwide.

David is passionate about optimizing patient care and remains at the forefront of medical education and research in order to deliver and disseminate his passion internationally.

Jacquelyn Soltani - RN
Oscar Gomez

Jacquelyn is an accomplished, results-oriented professional and dynamic leader with hands-on multi-unit operations and people development leadership experience and will be leading the Healthcare and Life Sciences practice for Zada Partners. 

Jacquelyn has demonstrated ability to improve business processes, develop future leaders, and effectively manage profit and loss statements. An effective verbal and written communicator, thrives in high-volume environments with ability to navigate changing business needs, improve processes, and continuously drive profitability.

Ernie Albers

Ernie brings over 18 years of product development and IT experience and specializing in security, analysis, infrastructure and networking design. His broad based knowledge in security and technology includes Internet and network security penetration testing and secure architecture design, Unix based and Windows based hardening, metrics and security hardening, and advanced secure applications development.

His experience in penetration testing and vulnerability testing includes assessment and compromise of numerous Windows, Unix, and networking devices, both as part of internal and external teams. His expertise in architectural security and design includes both software and hardware security features and configuration, application security tools, such as proxies, filters, relays, IDS and over 10 years of experience with secure coding practices and methods for C/C++/C#, VB.NET, ASP.NET, JavaScript, Java, EJB (e.g., buffer overflows, race conditions).

Oscar is a Process Management expert in the field of facility services.  He is currently responsible for quality control, project and operations management at Premier Building Services our affiliate company.  Oscar has worked with such influential companies as Nike, Intel Corp, Jones Lange LaSalle, IBM, Xerox, Siltronic, MP Mask and Portland Adventist Hospital contributing to their Best Practice Creation and Process Management.


Oscar specializes in Right Sizing budgets, identifying Safety Initiatives, and Creating Best in Class management practices to aide in all levels of soft service implementations.


Waldemar Drozdek

Waldemar brings extensive experience in product design development and industrial design consulting. He has a high level of competence in idea generation and research to design implementation. His ability to develop an idea from a napkin sketch to a full blown product makes him an indispensable member of Zada Partners.

Waldemar has successfully substantiated ideas and solutions for various industries ranging from waste management to healthcare and life sciences. His high level understanding of technologies and industrial design had led on the development of products that are utilized today in different industry verticals. Waldemar attended San Jose State University in the field of Industrial Design.

Cecil Stewart

Cecil with 25 plus years of technology & construction industry experience, offers a comprehensive understanding of decision making and how it affects an operation. His approach is one of creating process improvement and identifying areas of opportunity within marketing, sales and customer service.

Cecil entered into the industry as an Outside Customer Service Consultant, based on business and operational analysis developing system design schematics. In sales, Cecil has served in numerous capacities. Commercial marketing gave him the opportunity to develop strategies for growth within the subscription and municipal markets. As sales manager, he has trained and developed teams to power through struggling economies and to set bench-marking for improvement. Other roles include Regional Account Manager, Broker Manager and Major Account Manager, actively handling accounts in the national geography. Specialties include multi-location customers, manufacturing and complex transportation accounts.

Eric Moret Ph.D - Advisor

Eric brings fifteen years of research and development experience. His physics background and attention to detail has been a valuable asset for solving a wide range of multi-disciplinary technical problems in settings ranging from laboratory to high volume manufacturing environment.

His ability to simplify a problem into simple manageable elements and identify the true constraints has been a great asset from product design to its delivery. Eric’s balanced experience in the semiconductor industry and academia allow him to approach matters from both theoretical and practical perspectives, which helps with identifying the best solution path. In addition to his technical expertise and his product feasibility assessments, Eric routinely conducts financial assessments on product viability.

Eric is currently a senior R&D engineer at a Fortune 100 company and works as an advisor to Zada Partners.

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