Sherry Soltani - MD

Sherry, graduated with a BSc in Biology and a Minor in Psychology from Portland State University, Portland Oregon. She received her medical education and graduated from Semmelweis University Hungary Budapest.  She has volunteered in the numerous countries in the medical field with the latest being King Edward Memorial Hospital in Mumbai India.


Her entrepreneurial skills also was tested with the establishment of Micromedics EU, delivering medical solutions and services in Europe and Middle East.  MicroMedics distributed product to commercial and military clients.  MicroMedics has provided consulting services to NHS, UK and in USA for NeedleStick and the SMART Medical Room.


Zada Partners is proud to have Sherry as the Managing Partner for its Healthcare Services.     

David Kieser - MD

David is a spine and orthopedic surgeon with a passion for medical education.  He completed his PhD based on bio-mechanics, orthopedics and ballistics and continues to work and collaborate with multiple academic institutions.  He currently oversees over one hundred research projects worldwide.

David is passionate about optimizing patient care and remains at the forefront of medical education and research in order to deliver and disseminate his passion internationally.

Oscar Gomez

Oscar is a Process Management expert in the field of facility services.  He is currently responsible for quality control, project and operations management at Premier Building Services our affiliate company.  Oscar has worked with such influential companies as Nike, Intel Corp, Jones Lange LaSalle, IBM, Xerox, Siltronic, MP Mask and Portland Adventist Hospital contributing to their Best Practice Creation and Process Management.


Oscar specializes in Right Sizing budgets, identifying Safety Initiatives, and Creating Best in Class management practices to aide in all levels of soft service implementations.


United Kingdom

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